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More about me…

I didn’t expect to start a lifestyle of celebrating big, happy lives in Jesus.

It found me. And surprisingly, it found me in my biggest disappointments: a very sick mom, unmet expectations in various career choices, financial struggles and the hustle of a young family.

A celebrator at heart and one to fill cards with confetti just because, I was quickly becoming cynical and negative. Certainly, not who I wanted to be. And more importantly, not the life Jesus intended me to live. 

So I started several different practices with Jesus and some friends that became game-changers. They impacted not just me, but my family, co-workers and, honestly, anyone I got to know. And I can’t wait to share these tools with you. Like anything life-changing: they are powerful when applied with passion and commitment. 

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I’ve always been one to create tools for people wanting to live Big, full lives.

Like the time I founded an organization called Imperfectly Brave; it equips women to live a lifestyle of prayer and community, essential elements to abundance. I also wrote a book by the same title. I speak about this lifestyle in churches and I speak about it while checking out in grocery store lines.

Venue doesn’t matter. The message does. 

Oh yeah, just so you know, no one makes me catch my breath like Jesus. And nothing sets my heart pounding in my chest like propelling groups of people toward Him. I am an eternal optimist, believing two fish and five loaves are always about to be multiplied. And I like eating a chocolate chip cookie with milk every night, warmed up in the microwave for exactly 14 seconds.

But even more than that, I can’t wait to watch your life transform from busy and broken to big and happy!


Get to know Whitney: 


I’m usually sipping:

Coffee with a bit of creamer

Loads of creamer with coffee


Diet Coke (while regretting it)

Hot tea in a big mug

Which store do I max out my credit card:



Have you ever had a poem written about you?

Yes!After high school homecoming, my date wrote a poem and posted it behind a collage of photos of us. There wasn’t a second date. Too hot, too fast.


Favorite music artist:

Taylor Swift 

Lauren Daigle


Anything! As long as I can dance in the kitchen with my people!


My favorite show eva…



When and where did I have my first kiss:

Behind a big, yellow school bus!I was a freshman in high school and dying to be kissed!


My favorite meal:

My mom’s lasagna


Spaghetti with mounds of parm

Macaroni and cheese with chicken

A big bowl of soup with crusty bread

My dream job:

A volunteer at Monterey Bay Aquarium

The person who names nail polishes

Blue Bell Ice Cream Tester

Soul Care Leader for Ministry Leaders

all of the above!


Favorite date:

Any adventure with Mr. Putnam!